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Hand & Foot Care

Spa Services Spa Services Spa Services

Spa Manicure

Our spa manicure services soothe with a warm neck pillow. Skin exfoliation and a hydrating massage are extended to the elbow for manicures, which also include a customized foot bath with essential oil. A paraffin treatment seals in moisture for softer hands. Nails are polished to perfection with our luxury nail care services. 

Spa Pedicure

Think how much you use your feet every single day; it's no wonder they often end up tired, with hard skin and yellow tinted toenails - after all they're stuck in shoes for the majority of the day! The skin on the soles of your feet is approximately twenty times thicker than other parts of your body so it deserves special attention, and fungal diseases are common between toes and under toenails so caring for your feet is extremely important.

Spa Services Spa Services Spa Services

Spa Services Spa Services Spa Services

Spa Manicure & Pedicure

Manicures and pedicures are spa treatments that leave your hands and feet feeling clean and soothed and you feeling pampered. Choosing the correct type of manicure and pedicure enhances your salon experience. There are different types of manicure and pedicure treatments